Next Night Out

We are back! 

Join Furball at club chUrch on July 17th, from 10PM onwards. 

Tickets €12,50 at the door ONLY – get there early to not be disappointed.

Inside chUrch there will be no restrictions; no masks and no 1.5m social distancing rules. However, we must follow national guidelines so to enter chUrch, you must either:

  • Show us proof of full vaccination (taken place at least 14 days before your visit)
  • a negative Corona test which must be less than 40 hours old. A self-test is NOT valid.

At the door, we will scan your Coronacheck app QR code on your phone with either proof of vaccination or a negative test result. Please also bring ID. 

Schedule your test via This test will upload your results in your CoronaCheck app. 

We look forward to welcome you in our renovated club chUrch.

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